It's been a bit quiet 'round these parts as of...well...May.

I have learned 1 thing through all of this:

Blogging is not easily done with a full time job.

Please accept my humble apologies, as I've been too busy making things instead of blogging.

Now, I'm going to update you for a hot second before I get back to doing what I really need to be doing.

I'm currently sewing my bum off.


it's gone...

Here's the deal:

I was hired by Colonial Williamsburg this summer to work as an Orientation Interpreter (hopefully translating over into a full time position of some variety). 2 weeks into training, an amazing position came my way to work for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Costume Design Center (now referred to as the CDC) as a specialist tailor for events at Jamestown.

What does this mean?

1. Well, I'm working in my field (huzzah!) 2. I sew all day. Every day. I'm going to need a massage and a break after July is over.

I also have other projects.

Sapphire's gown has a deadline of July 20th.

Next weekend is Under the Redcoat at CW and with my new stays (whoa baby) I need new clothes, cause NOTHING FITS (totally in the good way). So I'm in the ultimate tag team.

Day time is 17th century stuff.

Evening is either Sapphire's stuff OR Petticoat with 240" flounce needing hemming on both sides OR English gown that I just now got the pieces cut out for that needs to be done by Saturday.

As in 1 week from now.

Ideally, I would like to trim the gown, but I'm not going to kid myself.

Oh and my stays still need to be bound on the bottom and lined. Yeah...that's not going to happy until August.

So, the point of my random post is this:

Pray for me and pass the margaritas.



  1. Congrats on the job switch! I looked at CW's employment listings about a month ago and considered applying, but I didn't want to move.

  2. Congrats on the new job! And...breaking out the blender for my signature frozen margaritas :)

  3. yes, but you're livin' the life a lot of us wish we could! So freaking awesome!!!

  4. Thanks ladies!! Let's just hope I can actually get this stuff done by saturday. I had a gown fitting yesterday and now have to get all of that stuff taken care of before I can set and finish the sleeves, etc. Bah. Lots of crap. Bah!

  5. Wait, I thought you were in Sweden? I am confused but every so happy that you have the job you want! Congrats!

  6. Angela: I was living in Sweden, but I moved back in March. I haven't mentioned it, at all...just because it's a complicated subject. I hope this helps with your confusion :) And Thank You! :D

  7. Oh, okay. Well welcome back to the states. I hope to get out to Wmsburg one day soon. Cheers.

  8. the next time you are here or i am there, there will be an endless amount of margaritas!

    <3 sapph


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