Summer Burnley & Trowbridge *GOWN* Workshop!

Photo Courtesy of Burnley and Trowbridge. (Gown workshop Nov 2009)
The summer Burnley and Trowbridge workshop has been posted on their website here.

It's for the classic fitted back English gown (robe a l'anglais) with a pleated back and will be taught by Brooke Welborn, Journeywoman of Millinery and Mantua-Making.

She's brillz.

Absolutely brilliant.

Photo Courtesy of B&T (Gown Workshop Nov 2009)


I will be there!

So sign up.

Do. it.

NOW! :)

Click to go to B&T website

Photo Courtesy of B&T. Gown Workshop Nov 2009.
See you there!

<3 <3


  1. I wants to go :-( Wonder what workshop they might be holding next year, October...?

  2. Hey, it's me up there! I can not say enough about the usefulness of this workshop or the amazing teacher! I think I've made at least two other gowns off the shapes as well. Here's the finished product you see me fitting:

  3. I'll see you there! I just reserved my spot today. Yay!!

  4. Wish I could be there! Maybe next year :)

  5. Lauren: Usually they plan the workshops 3 months in advance. So, I have no idea what they would be doing next fall, do you have any requests?

    Nicole: Yep! :D I liked the picture of you and Kate it's a good 'action' shot. :) Even though you (obv) attended the 09 event, are you taking Brooke's workshop?

    CD: I'll see you there! Wee!

    Lauren: Yes! Maybe next year! Though you'd probably have to stick your toes into the 1770s fashion pool. :) Though I could put in a 'suggestion' to Angela to talk to Janea about doing 1790s. That's a small section they haven't done yet and would really like to do. :D

  6. Not this time. I'm saving my pocketbook for the fall workshops (and fabric!!).

  7. I'm so sad that I'm missing this! On the other hand, being in France is a good excuse, in my book.

    I'm glad to have found your blog! I run a reenacting-related blog myself, and have been looking around for others! Mine is Historically Speaking:

  8. Oooh...I'm so envious! I guess I'm just going to have to keep doing it the hard way and figuring it out for myself :-(


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