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So, I'm a casual user of pinterest...I have one board and then I usually just surf around pinterest without even being signed in to look at the humor, fitness, and everything sections. A lurker, if you will. But this morning I clicked on a pin about natural weed killer which first took me to a scam that looked like this:

Now I circled the URL because at first glance, it looks legit, but there were 2 massive things wrong. 1: The URL is spelled with too many 'S's and I was signed in at this point in time so the question then is why was the login/abby option not in the upper right hand corner? AH. Yes. Because it is a scam. Oh, silly me, it is both a scam AND a bug. I took screen shots for posting warning purposes and then left the page and went on my merry way. Everything was peachy while I was using the computer for a few minutes afterward, but once I set my computer down to go get ready for work...all hell broke lose.

I came back to my computer with my cursor going apeshit crazy. I had windows everywhere and it was just onscreen chaos. I coldboot my computer, hoping this would solve my computers temper tantrum (it is going on 3 years old), but no. The cursor was moving on its own free will, opening things, DVD player (wtf?), search, finder, etc so on and so forth. I realized this wasn't just my computer being hormonal, something was actually wrong. Long story short: I had to delete Mozilla and all my bookmarks (wompwomp) from my computer. Restart my computer and then everything *seems* to be alright. I have a Mac. This is where the "Macs don't get viruses" comes in to play. Macs can get viruses, but the problem is easier to fix. I deleted Mozilla and whatever crap that was screwing with my computer through Mozilla (at least, this is how my brain has justified it, as now everything is better once Mozilla is gone, and this is after the computer sitting for 8 hours turned off so it could think about what it had done. bad computer! Bad computer!) So, if you have Windows, I have no idea what would happen for you all.

Anyways. There are two warnings to be had here. 1: There's a scam on Pinterest. Do not fall for it. Check your URLs.  2. That scam seems to have a trojan/virus/alien/pest/annoyance/thingy thing attached to it.



  1. That was a nasty one! The spam on pinterest seems to be getting worse and worse! I hope they figure out some way to deal with it soon.
    The worst I've had to deal with so far was a pin that just appeared in my boards after I had clicked on it once (to report it), and at first it seemed I couldn't delete it, but eventually I did find a way... :P Not fun!

  2. Spam is so annoying. I thought that pinterest would be helpful for me but soon lost interest as you have to petition for an invitation to join. I don't know why they use that strategy, but it quickly made me disinterested in joining.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! Hope your computer is OK!

  4. This is the first time I hear about a virus send trough a Pinterest link, but yes, since the big boom in users the spam has gotten very irritating. Have you reported the link to Pinterest? When links are reported a warning is placed when people want to open the link. What I also noticed is that often the link is stated in the description by these spammers and have pinterest in the name. These I no longer click on because I already know it'll be a bad site.

    @Stephanie Ann: it's invitation only because the constant increase in users. Using Pinterest is already slow because they can't keep up with adding servers and such. If they open up for everyone to sign up, the site could possibly crash.

  5. Tilia, I just joined one of the 30+ other sites that offer a "virtual pinboard."

    I have a feeling it's more of a marketing ploy than a real issue. Exclusivity makes it desirable, especially in an age where no one wants to miss out.

  6. Yikes. Thanks for the warning. I too have a mac. And here I was thinking I was free of those pesky viruses :( boo.

  7. Wow! I had no idea there were scams on Pinterest. I guess I've been lucky that they haven't decided to target those who only pin historical garments yet. :-) Thanks for the heads up!

  8. This is good to know as I just got invited to do this. I think I am not going to do it. I like looking. I can look without joining, right?


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