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There's a lot going on in Colonial Land these days, and they're all way fun! Have a look-see below!! :)

(Copied from the Margaret Hunter Millinery Facebook Page)

Call for Papers: Millinery through Time

In 2014, Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Trades Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop will celebrate its 60th anniversary. To mark this event, from March 16 through March 19, 2014, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation will present a symposium highlighting Millinery through Time. 

Throughout history, the millinery trade has changed, adapted, and thrived. Beginning as dealers of Milan wares, milliners evolved to encompass a business of a thousand things, and lately to specialize in a single product, hats. This symposium will explore the rich contribution that milliners and their trade have made to the past and present and look to future possibilities. Papers should address the people, fashion, merchandising, and trade work of the milliner from the 18th to the 21st centuries.

Researchers and designers are invited to submit 300-word abstract proposals for illustrated oral lectures 25 minutes in length. Paper proposals are due to Colonial Williamsburg for peer review by March 25, 2013; acceptances will be announced May 10, 2013. Those whose abstracts are selected for presentation will receive free symposium registration. Abstracts will be published in the symposium brochure.

Submit abstracts to:

Millinery Abstracts
Attention: Janea Whitacre, Historic Trades Milliner
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
P.O. Box 1776
Williamsburg, Virginia 23187
Or by email at



So, looking for a summer internship where you can wear pretty clothes, sew pretty clothes, learn about pretty (old) clothes? Then I highly recommend that you apply for the summer internship with the Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop, where you'll be gaining great hands-on experience in not only constructing 18th century clothing & accessories, but you'll also expand you knowledge of dress history, material culture history, american history, and art history as well! Other perks include: resume building, excellent museum experience with a world class/famous museum, Cheeseshop sammiches, and a really really really fun summer! I promise!

For more information email Sarah Woodyard at swoodyard (at) cwf (dot) org



With the upcoming completion of the Tinsmith shop in the historic area (associated with the anderson armory project, etc) Colonial Williamsburg is now hiring a Journeyman Tinsmith (major experienced required) and an apprentice tinsmith (I don't know how much they need...).

So if you're into metal work, wanna make some cw history, and get health insurance while pursuing your craft (let's just be really real right now..don't lie...the health insurance and 401k are preeeety inviting!)  then I think, you think, that you should apply.

Here are the links to the website:


Oh SNAP! While I was posting this, I just saw they posted some paid intern positions!


Curatorial Intern (1-year, paid @ 12.07 per hour) 

Curatorial Intern (3 mo, paid at 12.07 per hour, focus on Ceramics/glass, furniture, and 19th century toys...this sounds like too much fun...with a slight level of creepy...cause they're old toys...and let's be honest, old toys are super creepy...)


Ok! That's it for me!

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  1. I wish the tailors were looking for a summer intern

  2. Hey Ike,

    If you are interested in interning/volunteering with the tailors, you actually might be able to work something out. They do take interns. It's just a more informal process vs. the millinery summer internship. Email Trish Barner at pbarner (at) cwf (dot) org for information/assistance. She's the volunteer coordinator for the foundation.

  3. Thank you very much! I sent her an email


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