Millinery Through Time: 60th Anniversary Of The Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop

Hey Lovelies!

The biggest thing going on, like...ever...., is that the Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2014! To celebrate we are having a 3+ long conference that is about all things it's not just 18th century milliners, but 19th, 20th milliners, mourning millinery, shoes, aprons, masks, traveling, shoplifting, literature, and so much more. We are even offering small workshops where you could learn how to make 18th century black silk bonnets, fly fringe, calash bonnets, 19th century bonnets, velvet flowers, felt hats, straw hats, muffs, and probably a few more workshops that have totally spaced my memory.

Anyways, Long story very short:

Come to our conference. It will be fun. That Friday (Sunday night...I'm such a dingbat!) night, instead of a normal, slightly awkward, cliquish, oh my gosh i really want to use this time to socialize and network but i don't know anyone really well so i'm just going to sit and eat the cheese, evening event, we're having a proper birthday party, with cake, and games, and maybe even some pretty sweet prizes...oh..yeah...Oh! And costumes are encouraged for the evening!

The next evening, after a whole day of fabulous lectures and presentations (featuring tons of awesome topics and awesome clothes!) Samantha of Couture Courtesan  and I are both featured actresses in a late 1780s  (best clothes ever?) play about Milliners and their trade which will be preformed as evening entertainment...shockingly..are characters are milliners. Who would have thought? :)

So there you have it. Are you looking for something to do March 16-19th? Well I think the conference will be perfect. In fact, make a whole trip of it! Military Through the Ages, a timeline event held at Jamestown every year is that Saturday and Sunday, so come and just have a fabulous history and lace filled time!

For the link to register and to check out all of the workshops and the different titles of the papers at the conference click there ---> Millinery Through Time Conference

See you there! :)

<3 <3


  1. Ooooh, I might have to see about this...

  2. Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish, I WISH. Please do report on how it goes.

    Very best, and glad to see you posting again.


  3. Can't wait!!! The presentations all sound amazing! Best of luck finishing up all your preparations! :)

  4. I wish I could come and see the play and all the rest! It all sounds very exciting.

  5. Thanks Natalie! You should come if you can! :)

    Rebecca - thanks...I think I'm going to be doing a lot of coffee and maybe some all nighters coming up..

    Merja - You should! :D It's only a couple plane rides and maybe a train ride away! It's also Military Through the Ages (MTA) at Jamestown the weekend before 15 & 16th, so you could come not only for the conference, but also MTA, and just general CW site seeing. :D

  6. Is the birthday party Friday or Sunday? I don't get in until Saturday. :(

  7. Anon- I am so sorry. I am a total dingbat and have the days of the week wrong! The conference starts on Sunday, the 16th of March! So you have plenty of time! Also, I highly recommend that you attend Military Through the Ages at Jamestown Settlement on Sunday morning/afternoon or Saturday if you get in soon enough. It is a timeline event and it is FANTASTIC and totally worth going. You can dress up too, if you'd like. :) Sorry for the confusion! xx


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