Conference, Costume College 2014, & Buzzfeed

So apparently, when one googles "washing hair in sink" an image of me must appear. Amazingly, a buzzfeed writer who was writing an article about 27 lazy girl hacks found my image of me washing my head in a sink (cause that's what I do...apparently...), and used it on buzzfeed. It's been enjoyable to watch my little stats page go a bit crazy for a week or so.

I gotta be honest...

I feel a bit famous.

I mean...really...I'M ON BUZZFEED! It'll be something I tell my children. Har.

...yeah...i couldn't help myself....the occasion called for a meme generator moment.

Anyways, back to more "serious" conversations, I just wanted to through out a couple of things.

First, our conference is over, and it was a blast, and I'm still in recovery mode....the speakers were great. I had a great time, and I believe so did everyone else.  Many from the blogosphere were in attendance, so if you would like some photos (as I took none...too busy...unfortunately)...check out American DuchessA Fashionable FrolickThe Two Nerdy History GirlsThe Lady of Portland House, and others (if you have a blog and posted pictures PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!)

It was all a whirlwind for me (hostess, speaker, performer, workshop leader, etc etc), and so it's hard to put my experience into words. So, with that in mind, I'll let everyone else share their experiences and I'll just try and remember that week in short bursts of memories (like waking up at 6 am to Sarah knocking on my door to do hair...and returning to the stage for the first time in years to perform in the play "The Milliners", etc).

Secondly, I'm really excited to announce that I will be able to attend Costume College this year! I'll be offering a lecture (I think it's like the last thing on the last day) that's going to be an edited version of the lecture I gave at the conference regarding fashion and fashion trades seen through the eyes of the westward expansion of the United States in the early 19th century (read: a more in depth discussion of the letters I studied, so it will be a little different for those who got to hear the first lecture).  I'm excited to go, and just enjoy the experience. I've never been to California, so I'm just excited to be there, period. The giddy girl in me is now starting to plan what outfits I want to wear (i.e. maybe I'll make myself something pretty...if I have the motivation...or maybe I'll just wear vintage and high heels the entire time since I never get to do that anyways...ha!) I'm also really excited to learn about different time periods and hear other people's goal is to really try and expand my knowledge base and push myself out of my boundaries when it comes to time periods and construction/technique methods. I'm also hoping there will be an artificial flower class I can get into. Mela Hoyt-Hayden's talk at our conference made me *giddy*, and I was super jealous of all of her workshop attendees.

So with that....if you're going to Costume College this year...I guess I'll see you there!!!

<3 <3


  1. Hooray!!! Perhaps you are too busy to make it on such short notice, but if you would happen to have the time, it would be fun if you did 18th century court gowns with us on Saturday ( ). :) In any case, I'm glad to get to meet you there!

  2. Hey! I'm excited to see everyone's interpretation on their court gowns, so I'm going to be very happy to be a bystander and watch! Are you making shoes to go with your court gown? I'm really looking forward to meeting you, too! :D

  3. So sorry I had to miss the Millinery Conference, it sounded like it was really wonderful.

    But looking forward to seeing you at Costume College!


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