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Hi lovelies!

I'm really excited to write this post, because it's more...err...umm... "real" (?) as it were. You see, ever since I started doing the CW thing, and especially the Millinery Apprenticeship thing, I really felt like there was nothing I could do relating to this little blog. I don't have time to do a lot of sewing at home, and since any that I would do is work related (a killer new pair of stays, etc) I just never felt comfortable talking about it here. 


Things have changed.

Mostly because I've gone a bit the best...(still up for debate with the Swede) sort of way...

One of my favorite time periods that I've always loved to wear (even in the bad modern repro version...and trust me I've worn a few for different theatrical things) is 1880s. I it. I've always thought it was an incredibly sexy aesthetic for women that plays with covering and showing off the body, while mixing the feminine with the masculine. It's just a really interesting moment in fashion, in my opinion. 

Anyways, it's been in the back of my head for a while now that maybe I should start branching out and do something else that's more for me vs. work based. So, 2 weeks ago I was sitting in the shop with Sarah and Jenny, and we were talking about different time periods and Sarah just finally looked at me and said, "Abby, you just need to do it and rock it." ...or something to that effect. got a little crazy on the Pinterest and pinned ALL THE THINGS. Trying to figure out what I would do, if I was to do it, etc etc. Finding that look, starting to develop the eye, and so forth.

Then, I realized...well...hell...I'm going to Costume College this year. If I was to do anything NON 18th century and actually have a place to wear it. Now is my chance. Seizing the moment, and all that jazzy goodness.


I'm doing it.

I'm slightly terrified. I am *not* academically sound in late Victorian fashion, I've been doing a lot of reading (thank goodness I got Anne Buck's book from Burnley and Trowbridge a few years back about Victorian Fashion...) and basically starting from scratch..(holy mother this is expensive...) however, I am really excited because I am able to utilize some skills I've developed in 18th century land that are applying nicely to what I will be doing for my outfit...and this whole...sewing machine and giggly at the same that moment when you're watching a rated R movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on and you're trying to not to be interested, but your snorting to yourself because you're interested and then you're trying to be cool about it totally whatever about it. But in reality you're being super awkward about it all. 

Or...just watching Spartacus...period.... all have had that moment. Don't lie.'s been fun so far! I'm working on three different corset mock ups at the moment and will have them done this evening, so I'll hopefully be posting about them soon. Then my plan is to make the corset and chemise/drawers over the next week or so. (it's all on machine, so clearly I'm being time happy with everything...har!) By then hopefully I'll have my fabric sorted and I can tell you all about my crazy idea. :)

I'm really excited to blog again! Be prepared for epic freak outs and failures....this machine thing...wooo daddy. :)

<3 <3


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I hauled out my sewing machine for the first time in about two years yesterday because I needed to make a corset in a weekend. I handsew everything, even when I don't have to. I felt like I was cheating (but in a totally good way, naughty, naughty) You know what? I think I just may do it again!

  2. I'm sure you will rock it! I look forward to see what you make of it!


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