A Typical Sporadic Update

Hello dearies,

Just thought I'd write another quick update to let you all know that I have added a button to the right side (---->) to link directly to my Pinterest account. I know a lot of people have pinterest boards that they use for research (I'm look at you Sanna K of Rococo Atelier...cause yours is fantastic), and I am most definitely one of the 'this makes my researching life so much easier' pinners. Also if you're curious to know what I would like to plant in my dream heirloom garden, you can stalk that information too, cause it's....well...something we all do in the middle of the night when we're bored and can't sleep.

Ehh...it happens....

So, just thought I'd put that PSA out there. Currently life is busy with busy things, but I'm still trucking along for Costume College, though I've scrapped the 1880's dress for the time being (cause there is no freaking time), but am working on an 1810s gown to wear on Sunday, and I have all my fun 18th century clothing picked out for the rest of the weekend.

Work is great, and we have been super busy with Conferences (CSA Nationals in Baltimore) and Workshops (Caps & Hair, 1810s, and Italian Gowns) with Burnley and Trowbridge. Plus it's the summer season, so we're just busy, plus we're planning and prepping for Costume College at the end of this month. So yeah...just busy busy busy busy busy. I'm just trying to keep my head on straight, which is always fun. With it all being good things though, it's been really great. California and Sweden in just a couple of months...I'm getting really excited about meeting people and seeing California for the first time...I also think I should probably work on my presentation for Costume College...it's coming up soooon.


Now all I need to do is remember all my research. ;)

<3 <3


  1. Are you familiar with these two Pinterest users? http://www.pinterest.com/pocketmuseum/ and http://www.pinterest.com/heileen/ They have some really great boards for research aw well!


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