2014 Year in Review: Events

Even though I've been dead silent around here for such a long time, it doesn't mean I haven't been busy with dress history related super-fun. Most of my obligations are work related, but luckily, since most people within this field/hobby are 1. awesome 2. friends...it always make for a fun work trip. I did a lot of traveling for work/pleasure last year so I decided to break up my 2014 year in review into events & projects. The easiest one to write about first is the events...mostly because I haven't taken photos of my personal projects from last year...

March: Millinery Through Time & The Milliners (play)

2013 and the first half of 2014 was a whirlwind of preparations for the Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop's 60th anniversary conference. Not only was I presenting an hour long lecture (holy moly), but I was also in Sarah's visual lecture on the image "A Morning Ramble, or, The Milliner's Shop"
Sarah, Me, & Aislinn
...AND I had 2 performances in the play "The Milliners", a 1780s play about...well...guess.
The Cast and Crew. Photo Courtesy of J. Whitacre

"Haste to the Wedding"...or not. Photo Courtesy of J. Whitacre

It was bat crazy. My head had to be in 1000 different places at once. Add on top of this buying a new house in January, and then having what was the most epic sleepover girl party ever for the week of the conference (poor Swede..)...March was a whirlwind of awesome..I laughed. Cried. Lectured. Smiled. Through a hissy fit about something. Etc. In a word, March was awesome.


May: Good Morning, Baltimore! Or, CSA Nationals in 24 hours

In May I traveled to Baltimore to attend the National Conference of Costume Society of America where I spoke briefly about thought process behind designing the hair and performing in the play, "The Milliners" I drove up, schmoozed, lectured, and drove back within a 24 hour period. I was sleepy afterwards.

July: California Dreamin', or, Costume College!

I was super stoked this year to attend Costume College in LA. We arrived earlier in the week and spent a whole day in LACMA's collections looking at all the things, went fabric shopping, ate delicious food, and generally had a good time. 

Costume College was great. I was a bit nervous attending, and with the added stress of Jay's passing, it wasn't really the environment I had envisioned for myself, however, it was awesome. I got to hang out with Lauren loads and loads, which brings me much laughter and great joy, and I got to meet some lovely ladies that had only ever existed in bloggyland. I lectured about terminology in 18th century dress (French vs. English), about my home-girl Mary Ann Corlis, and something else..but I don't actually remember what it was?..did I do a 3rd class? I know I did...what was it? OMG...I seriously don't remember. 

Oy. Vey.

OH OH OH! I remember! We talked about the history of the Millinery trade and I ended up demo-ing 18th century hair dressing and doing a lot of Q&A about 18th century hair/hair dressing/hair product.

(that brain fart happened in real time, fyi)

Anyways. Here are some pictures!

pomading and powdering my hair in prep for the week

Megan & I (You'll see this face alot below, to quote the Swede, "Did you walk around Costume college with your mouth hanging open the entire time?") ...it was a valid question.

I have no idea what we were doing other than jelly bellys were involved.

So L.A. (I guess?..hell if I know) 
My mouth was closed for this one.

I loved the elevator selfie. 

Surprise Super Twins with Nathalie W.

21st and 18th century wardrobes can fit into a suitcase.

crazy elevator selfies with Merja & Samantha

Again..the mouth thing

I need to be stopped. (Hi Lauren! I can't wait for my pants!)

Flight was delayed. Blergh.
Rouge Candid

 August/September: Return to the Motherland, or, Sweden!

At the end of the summer Fredrik and I went back to Sweden to attend a close friend's wedding, and spend some time in the country. While we were there, I was able to get in some work time visiting collections at Nordiska and visiting the hand-craft college Säterglänten. Säterglänten was really neat, I kind of just wanted to stay and do crafty sewy things for the rest of the year (though I'm 99.998% sure they're covered in snow right now, and it was 70* and sunny in Williamsburg yesterday).

Nordiska was stellar, where I got to examine some really really neat and unique pieces. Bless Sweden and their inability to throw anything away and staying away from bat-crazy revolutions and world wars.

To be fair though....one of my absolute most favorite  moments (other than taking my F-i-L's boat to Kalmar Castle) was when we went to the Royal Armories and saw the awesome Game of Thrones, Elizabeth, Real 16th century costume exhibition called Maktspel. I can't even formulate the words to describe how much I loved it. So I'll just say. OMGOMGOMGITWASAWESOMEIGOTTOSEEALLTHEPRETTIES.


Boat Parking @ Kalmar

Kroppkakor for life. (yes that is butter and heavy cream.)

I was a little embarrassed that I bought so much.

When you play the Game of Thrones you either Win or you Die.

Probably the closest I'll ever get to wear a Court Gown of Silver Tissue.

I went sugar free about a week later. For reasons.

Beautiful weather at Säterglänten

I wanted to sit and sew with them in the sun.

Seeing some of Darlana

Totally different than Kalmar and Öland.


November: CSA Regionals, or, the conference I accidentally helped plan.

Our CSA Regional meeting was held at Traveller's Rest this past November. I some how ended up on the planning committee, which I guess is a good resume builder. I didn't speak, just attended, but I ended up winning some great things at the silent auction that I should post photos of (mid 1920s catalog with the original order envelopes..I'm tempted to send them to see what happens..). I was really impressed with Traveller's Rest and Tonya Stagg's lecture (and lordy - there are some great pieces in their collection!). Samantha, as always, gave a great lecture about Civil War mourning dress, and then she and I hit the flea market jackpot after the conference. Over 50 patterns from early 1940s to 1971...$20.

This new collection of patterns also has a great deal of influence over my choice to only make my clothes this year.

I also got to see my 'nephew' Mr. Arch (and we partied hard..that 6 month old didn't mess around..we watched some Moomin, sang Bruno Mars, Ordered Pizza, Road tripped to Indiana), Miss Maggie-Loo-Hoo, and Mr. Ramsey! Nashville turned out to be a whirl-wind of fun both private and work related. We also ate some great BBQ...twice.

Coming soon to a 2015 near you:

San Antonio - CSA Nationals - Spoiler: I'm going to be giving a proper lecture about 18th century hair dressing, products, and how I've been able to do some of the crazy styles over the past 1.5 years! I'm really excited to finally get my information out there 'officially'.

Los Angeles - Costume College 2015 - As of now it seems like I'll be able to make it back out there this year!

That's it for now...it's still early in the year...Fredrik and I will probably be doing a bit of traveling this year as well as it makes us happy.

..you know..writing out everything I did this year, just related to travel 1. makes me sleepy. 2. makes me happy. 3. makes me feel justified in not doing as much sewing at home.

Here's to next year!

<3 <3


  1. I'm so glad you're blogging again <3

    1. Me too! I miss you...btw....just so you know.

  2. There is so much awesome in this post that I can't even wrap my head around it. See, this is why we need you blogging regularly--when you drop Awesome Bombs like this all at once it has the propensity to make someone's head implode. Awesome year! All the best for 2015!

    1. Aw thanks! It was crazy to mentally recap all of this as well...I have a hard time believing it too...here's to another fun year! :D

  3. Definitely going to come find you at CoCo and introduce myself!

  4. I like your year. Mine wasn't half bad, but: d*mn! Want to switch? ;)

    Also, you make me ashamed that I never went to Maktspel. I live in Stockholm so my excuses are non-existant. Happy new year!


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