A New Year Resolution

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit.

It's 2015. This. Is. Crazy. Cra-cra-crazy. I don't know why I'm having such a difficult time coming to terms with 2015, but I am...maybe it's because next year (2016) I turn 30, and I'm already having a crisis about it? Maybe it's because this decade is already half way over? Who knows...mostly I'm probably just being a ninny.

Anyways, enough digressing....I'm to announce a snazzy new blog update (I think it's pretty sexy) and a New Year's Resolution! 

My resolution is...

I'm not going to buy any new* clothes this year. 

*Exceptions explained below

Frankly, I'm royally fed up with the clothing industry, quality of construction, cost, and stylistic options. I have many rants built up inside of me regarding feminism in dress, our options as women, quality, the clothing industry in general, etc, but this one post isn't really the place for them...they can come later. With that in mind though, I started doing a lot of thinking in November (around Black Friday..surprise surprise surprise..) about all of these things I noted above (plus H&M looked like 1995 vomited everywhere..it was awful..crop tops are the devil's spawn and should have stayed in the 90s), how much I love vintage clothes, my body, and if there was something I could challenge myself in. I ended up with this resolution.

I will not buy any "new" clothes this year.

No Anthropologie splurges.
No JCrew 1/2 off everything sales.
No Modcloth binges at 11 pm. (I was going to write 2 am, but anyone who knows me knows how much of a lie that is. I'm passed out asleep by 11:30 every night..even the weekends...11:30 is even pushing it usually it's 10:30..)

My goal this year is to make all my new clothes that I will wear, with some exceptions. I'm not going to kill myself in this process...I want it to be easy and fun so below are my exceptions (basically- things I cannot easily or practically make myself..)

1. Basic t-shirts
2. Leggings/tights etc. (Jeans are not included in this 1. I hate jeans so I wont want to buy them anyways. 2. I have Wearing History's Smooth Sailing Trouser pattern and I ordered the ready-made jeans as my last 'new clothing' purchase!)
3. Undergarments in general.
4. Knitted sweaters (I don't knit. Nope. Tried it. Ain't happenin')
5. There's a wedding coming up for one of my best friends. Once she decides on a dress for me to buy, then that's the one I'm wearing to the wedding.

Also- I am not limiting my vintage clothing options. I might permit some Goodwill-ing in there too, but I don't usually have any luck with them.

This is probably the reality.
I have a list of what I want to make growing in my mind, but I need to find the project balance of 18th century clothes and modern clothing..because I will be making both this whole year for me to wear all the time..and sometimes it really feels like my 18th century wardrobe is the most important one..they are my work clothes after all..so that will probably be my next post is a outstanding project list...that I should probably put somewhere on that menu tab on the top.

Speaking of menu tab....check out my etsy shop...

...I'll blog about that soon too.

OH! Yes! Have you figured out the other aspect of this resolution?

I'm going to blog again..about all of these things! I'm really excited about it, as I miss writing and blogging, etc...so now this resolution will give me the platform I've been looking for with my blogging...and I'm pretty stoked about it!

<3 <3


  1. Hooray for more blogs!

    I've been kicking around the idea of making my modern clothes, too. I have a sweet surger so even Tshirts would be possible, I think? While I may not go all out this year, I'm really want to try to ease into making my own.

    I turn 30 in 2016, too, and everyone keeps telling me 30 is the 20. (I really hope not because 20 wasn't that great the first time around) But how bad can it be, right?

  2. I don't do resolutions, but I've actually decided the same thing. With the exception for basics like t-shirts, underwear and knits I will either make my own clothes or buy vintage and for the same reason as you. I can also recommend a Swedish Company, Emmy Design for some really neat knits in a vintage style and with great quality:


  3. Isis- Yeah, I've never been a resolution girl myself...but i guess there is a first time for everything! My mother was calling them "intentions" which I like the sound of better anyways. :) Thanks for the link..i'll check it out! :)

  4. I'm glad you've missed blogging--because I've missed reading you! I can't wait to see how no-buy 2015 goes, and to see your sewing in action!


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