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Hello lovelies,

You might have noticed that there has been a wee bit of buzz around the internet about my new etsy shop, Heirloom Haircare, though I haven't said too much about it here yet....there really isn't a good excuse as to 'why' I haven't written about it (let's be honest, it's kind of dumb of me)...but I mostly have been busy, and don't have a lot of pictures of me in non-shop owned work clothes that can really demonstrate my research and the products I have made.

If you saw me at Costume College (or if you read other blogs (Diary of a Mantua Maker & Madame Isis's Toilet and just troll the internet) then you saw a pretty nice range of what some hair powder and pomade can do. When I'm dressed in my 18th century clothes (and a lot of time in  my modern clothes as well...I pretty much live this weird half 18th century half modern life...it's really bizarre at times), I dress my hair the same way they did. I don't wear a wig, and I don't use any sort of modern hair products.

Since I spend the vast majority of my week in 18th century clothes, and switching between a modern haircare regime and an 18th century depending on the day and my shower schedule is really really annoying...I have gone over to mostly following an 18th century haircare plan.

And it's awesome....the only minor draw back is that sometimes I look prematurely grey...but I don't really mind.

My favorite thing about the Pomade and Powder mixture is the thickness it gives your hair. The modern volumizing shampoos and products don't hold a candle to p&p...I kid you not my hair is 3x as thick once it's finished...it's crazy. The hold is awesome as well. Here's an awkward bathroom selfie of me after a whole day of work to show off my hairstyle after a full day of work.

The bow hides sins. Hooray for bows!

Some of the chignon was coming out after a full day of work, but I'm really happy with this style. Also that curl is my favorite curl of the day. The other one wasn't as happy.

That jacket makes me feel like wearing candy.

I love candy...just fyi.

I don't like bathroom selfies..they're so damn awkward...I just don't really have a better mirror option....I'm also complete rubbish at mirror selfies in general. I'm kind of a disgrace of the millennium generation.

Anyways, you can kind of see the powder affecting my hair color after an morning application. Here's a photo of me in my normal clothes with my hair fixed for the 21st century after a powder and pomade application. The pomade conditions my scalp and my hair, while the powder absorbs all the excess oil and grease creating a matte and dry finish to the hair.

Can't really tell that much from the photograph

Back view. The P&P helps make that twist appear really thick and full.
Since I really love the products and I know that there is a decent amount of interest around the world in using these products for 18th century (and the pomade for other time periods as well), and the push towards shampoo free, I opened up my shop at the end of last year. Right now I'm just selling the basic pomades and powders carefully copied from original recipes (I even have secured wheat starch, which isn't that easy anymore).

I have 2 sizes of pomade: 2oz and 4oz. The 2 oz will make a good sample size and the 4 oz is great for those of you with long hair, thick hair, and/or who plan on using the products a lot. I am also selling the powder in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 lb bags. The hair powder is used up much more quickly than the pomade, especially if you're trying to achieve the early 1770s styles like the tete de mouton.

I also have created packages of the products to make ordering easier and more convenient. So you can order 2oz of pomade and 1/2 lb of powder (here) or 4 oz of pomade and 1 lb powder (here).

I chose neutral packaging & simple packaging for easy shipping and to be try and be inclusive of all buyers and their time periods or lack there of.
Common Pomatum (with an etsy shop typo...duh...)

Hair powder can be held in this bag, though I don't recommend abusing the bag too much. It is paper with a corn based 'plastic' liner that easily composts after you're finished.

All of my products are natural and, if possible, organic. The one current "downside" is that they are not vegetarian....at all. Even the powder has bone meal in it. I am wanting to develop a line of vegan (ideally... vegetarian if vegan isn't possible) alternatives that have a similar effect as the original ingredients, but that is sometime down the road. 

Anyways...that's what I've been up to recently, and if you're in the neighborhood I will be presenting at Costume Society of America's National Symposium in San Antonio about 18th century hair care and hair dressing this May, and hopefully more will come after that! 

So, if you feel like experimenting with Pomade and Powder, please check out my shop, Heirloom Haircare!

<3 <3


  1. This is awesome, Abby! So, what does an 18th century haircare routine look like?

    Good luck!


  2. This is fabulous! I've been thinking of going shampoo-free and doing a more "old-fashioned" haircare routine, and this is just the sort of thing I've been wanting.

    And that symposium sounds fantastic! I'll be there with bells on. :D

  3. Well, it seems that the buzz is much earned. Congratulations to you, Abby! Seems like that is really innovative hair care you are selling, and you have given us enough bits and pieces to sense that it is so. Thanks for finally giving that stuff a shout out on your blog, with the link to your Etsy shop! More power to you!

    Tom Hall @ WCS Solutions


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