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I just wanted to post a quickie on here to let you know 2 things.

1. If you've ever wanted to know a bit more about my day job (and what it's like within a 700 word limit) check out Colonial Williamsburg's Making History blog. I did a guest post (one of many? :) ) for them and it went live today!

2. Speaking of CW and Internet did you hear about CW and ISIS? Apparently word got out to the crazies that CW has been in talk with Iraqi archeologists, curators, and officials about being a safe store house for the many priceless artifacts that are now at risk due to ISIS being...well...ISIS. (P.S. Go CW...super proud that we're one of the first ... if not the first...institution to step up...our new president was an international diplomat in a previous life, so I'm happy to see those ties being put to good use.)

So..being ISIS..they decided to 'attack' CW via the internet. Read about it from the Virginia Gazette.

This is humorous to me because 1. Colonial Williamsburg has like 3 websites, so whatever they tried to do, they failed. 2. They know my face now because there is a group photo of us on the front page that was running when they hacked....to be fair I am an equal mix of amused and weirded out by the entire concept that people who are associated with ISIS know my face....mostly amused though.

Anyways, that's it for now. There should be some pretties coming up on here shortly. I am so damn close to finishing an outfit it's killing me...to bad I'm more interested in watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Vikings, and playing Child of Light on Xbox to be 'really' productive. :)

<3 <3


  1. I saw that article (and your picture!) and was also both amused and squicked. But there remains something strangely satisfyingly ironic about ISIS attacking the 18th century...

    I'm finding Netflix and sewing very compatible right now--but I'm working on an itsy child's gown and working eyelets with the TV on works for me :)


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