McNubbin', or, the Swede's Revenge

Early this winter, I got a wild hair up my butt (as my mom likes to say), and decided that I was going to make a foam version of me. I blame this wild hair entirely on Christina at On Living History. She's made a couple versions of herself with a lot of success...and I got jealous.

Ugh. So jelly.

Since I make my 18th century clothing the mantua-maker way, that makes it pretty impossible to cut and design clothing for myself. I hate bothering people to help me, and I really wanted to have the freedom to experiment with different styles, fitting techniques, etc.

So I made up my mind. I watched this video about a 1000 times by Brick in the Yard Mold supply company. I made notes. I watched. I bought vaseline. I game planned...and I harassed the Swede into helping me do this. He was on the fence until I told him I was going to be naked and he could rub me in vaseline.

Was I the only 10 year old with a crush on Ace?

After that he was on board.

Much to his dismay it wasn't quite as exciting as he had been hoping for (I was being serious, we were in a time crunch, and I had stays on), and as a result he became extraordinarily focused on the quality of the plaster cast he was setting for me.




I can't show you pictures without putting up a parental warning.

He gave her body detail. I couldn't stop him either (thus the revenge part of this story) because by the time he was plastering up the booty, I was half wrapped up in medical grade plaster and couldn't move or fight. All I could do was whine. His validation?

"She's anatomically correct."

Schmidt is my spirit animal.

I had to let the plaster cast cure for about a week, and I followed the video instructions to a T. Pouring the foam was tricky. We thought she was level, but found out she's a little crooked, and when we were pouring foam, one of the arms got the cutest little foam nub. Thus her name, McNubbin. That's how everyone knows her now, and it's how I make clothing for myself. I got really lucky, she's pretty much a perfect copy of me. The shoulders and arms got a bit messed up, but I have cut and fit 2 gowns off of her so far, with quite a bit of success (including the levite!).

I wont show ALL of her to you, but I will show you how she looks on the average day to day, with a modesty petticoat on. (I get embarrassed for her/me/us...)

Check out the clavicle detail..

My right boob has its own personality.

There is a butt crack under there. Seriously.

So that's McNubbin, and the story of how the Swede turned a family friendly art project into obscenity. Thanks husband.



    I've been meaning to make a foam dummy for a while, but now I think I'm going to bribe a lady friend rather than let the gentleman help :P

  2. Oh she's stellar...but yeah...if the man is prone to overdoing it and a mild case of the revenge-ies maybe it would be better to have a girl do it. :)

  3. I'm dying!!! I just know my fiancé would do the same if given the chance so thanks for the tale of warning, now I am reminded to NOT consider him for the position of assistant!


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