A Holiday Photo Shoot C. 1784

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So over the past couple of posts, I've shared some info on my blue wool Italian gown and the green silk quilted petticoat, including some photos of the guts and little construction techniques. Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from the American Duchess photo shoot we did in November.

I was excited for the styling and general concept of this shoot - we aimed for an early - mid 1780s appearance that was fashionable yet country girl chic. So there were some fashionable elements tied in with more practical choices. I was really inspired by prints from the early/mid 1780s like these from the British Museum -

Love in a Village, 1784, British Museum

The Lovely Lavinia, 1784, British Museum

These images feature a few hallmarks and I was able to meet most of them:

1. Quilted Petticoat (Check!)
2. Printed cotton fitted gown (Nope - the blue wool would have to do)
3. Printed Neck Handkerchief (Check!)
4. Fashionable hair (Check!)
5. Apron (Check!)
6. Pretty Hat (No hat - but I had the 1780s cap from the book)

So by breaking down the images and working with what we had in the stash, Lauren and I were able to execute the "Pretty Country Lass Who's Dressed A Little Too Fashionably" photo shoot with great success. Below are some of my favorite photos from the shoot: 

"Gee, I wonder how long it would take for me to eat my weight in Chelsea Buns..."

"Crap. Is that dog poop or just a leaf?"

"What? You've never come across a fashionable Georgian lady strolling through a park in Downtown Reno? Like it's weird?"

I always have to blow off some steam after a photo shoot by acting like a fool for a good 10 minutes.
Lauren has the best blackmail on me. 

 Outfit Details:

Gown: Blue Wool Gown Me-Made with Fabric from Burnley and Trowbridge
Silk Quilted Petticoat: Quilting by Romantic Recollections. I sewed it into a petticoat.
Printed Neck Handkerchief: Burnley and Trowbridge
Cap & Apron: The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking (1780s Chapter)
Muff: Vintage
Shoes: Smexy Red Dunmores

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