Redthreaded Atelier "Margaret" Corset

Hello Lovelies!

If you've been following along, you'll know that I've been blogging about my journey to an 1880s ensemble, that has had to be bought/built from the skin out. In my previous blog, I wrote about my chemise and split drawers I bought from small Etsy sellers.

The next, and most important layer, is my corset. Again, this is something that I had struggled with for a few months -- do I make the corset or do I buy one? I bought some patterns from Atelier Slyphe, which were beautiful shapes, and I had some old diagrams I had bought from the Symington Corset Collection in be perfectly honest, I just didn't want to take that time to figure out the corset as I needed it to be. I also didn't want to go through a lot of effort for the corset only to have it not fit me the way I wanted, or look as good as I had hoped. If I was going to make a corset, I wanted to really throw myself into the project, and I simply didn't have the time for that. I needed a corset, and I needed it yesterday. So...I was at a loss.

...then Cynthia of Redthreaded announced the new Atelier line of Redthreaded...and there it was.

The most perfect corset that I had lusted over for months. The gored and gusseted "Margaret" corset in black sateen and yellow flossing. I had tried on the first variation of this corset at Costume College last summer, but the pattern caused pressure points on my ribs. It was a bummer, cause I really wanted that corset, and it just wasn't going to work. So now, version 2 was out, and when I chatted with Cynthia she let me know that she had adjusted the pattern to fix that pressure point issue.

And I died a little inside with want.


need. I needed this corset and I needed it now.

So...I bought the sample after she had finished using it for the photo shoot to promote the product and the line.

I could not be happier with this corset. It is beautiful, well made, accurate in its shape, has the faux-whalebone, and fits wonderfully. I don't get the big reduction like I do in the Redthreaded S-bend Edwardian corset, but I do get a nice little reduction, and a great shape.

I also like it because I feel like I can make it work for a few decades in the 19th century, which is alright for me!

Apparently, I grabbed the wrong loops when I was doing this...we were in a hurry to get dressed/photos taken...oops! 

My finished lacing gives a 1-1.5" gap in the back, which is just perfect. 

There is also a drawstring at the neckline if I needed to pull it in a bit...I don't...but there might be others who do. 

Really happy with the fit and the shape that this corset gives me! 

Just a week ago, Cynthia came to Reno for a long weekend trip to promote her new Atelier line, but to also model for us in Book 2. It was a great weekend, and she brought all of the other samples from the Atelier line with her...which left me mildly obsessed with a few of them (*cough cough* Rosine *cough cough*).

While I bought the sample Margaret corset - what's great about the Atelier line is the customization that comes with it. Cynthia is so well versed in corset making, that she can spy out the little quirks that need to get changed in a pattern to make it perfect for you. So whether you're long or short waisted, squishy or rock hard, she can take your measurements and create a glorious product for you that helps give you that desired shape. I'm already thinking about what corset I'm going to buy next from her. That red Rosine corset is sexy. Sooooo sexy! (but I really "need" an 1830s corset, if I'm being perfectly honest...)

<3 <3

P.S. If you get a Margaret corset from Redthreaded - let me know! We can be twinsies! :D


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