About Me

So..where to begin?

I feel like now I need to provide a better understanding of who I am and what I am and this blog are all about. I know, better than most, what it takes to have a good blog in the historical costuming/dress community.

How do I know this?

Well, I studied you & and I presented a paper about you & I am going to try and publish this paper.

Aren't we just so special?

One of the biggest things I learned in the survey was the demand for knowledgeable bloggers, people who can write posts and have the academic background cred to support their work. I guess I'm one of those people. (Though, the beauty of academia is, if you can cite it, you can argue about anything...especially art history. I once read a paper on how Michelangelo's David was based off a lion...no kidding...it made sense, but still had an air of silliness about the whole thing.)

So here is my cred for ya'll:

I have a B.A. in History of Art with minors in History and Theatre & Drama (Costuming and Acting double minor) from Indiana University - Bloomington. The History of Art department requires you to study a variety of topics. Mine were Medieval, Renaissance/Baroque, Theory, and 19th century. My history classes were on all sorts of fun stuff (Elvis and Post war America, Paris and Berlin in the 1920s, History of American Sexuality, etc etc).

I went on after undergrad to get my Master of Letters from the University of Glasgow in Decorative Arts and Design History. My dissertation was over 18th century stays and comfort.

To go along with my academic background, in 2007 I was a summer intern with the Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop, as well as with the Costume and Textile Collection at Colonial Williamsburg. There I learned tons about 18th century clothing and construction. I also dressed up 4 days a week. My time with them (and the subsequent volunteer stints and hanging out in the upstairs section whenever I visit) means that the costumes I have made and will continue to make will be draped and constructed with the techniques they taught me. So, though I might not delve into the great details of the matter (more so a protective measure for the shop), please know what I am doing is as accurate as I feel it can possibly be.  To further my skills and education I take workshops from Burnely & Trowbridge whenever I possibly can, because they are taught by the milliners and the tailors.

With the academic-y posts I have posted and will continue to post, I will try and cite everything I possibly can to back up my arguments, though you may or may not agree with them (the beauty of academia!).

Other than that?

I like shoes.

My partner (I call him F on here) says I'm a cookie monster.

I'm trying to get better at photography, though I don't really know what I'm doing.

I like cooking & baking.

I only wear jeans if it's an absolute necessity. I prefer dresses and skirts.

I speak a little Swedish.

I talk to my flowers.


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