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Here is a list of my favorite places to shop online for, basically, everything related to historical dress. Living in the middle of nowhere means that our fabric stores (Joann's and Hancock) means that most the fabric is meant for quilters.

I do not quilt.

So in order to find fabric (and other materials) that is better for clothing, I do a lot of my shopping online.

Here they are! (Last updated 05/05/2011)

Burnley & Trowbridge: Angela (who is an expert on historical fabrics & dress, and is a woman you want to know) & her husband are the geniuses behind this online company. They are situated in Williamsburg, VA and have ah-mazing workshops every season (1-3) on everything from accessories, stays, gowns, and more unique garments like brunswicks and riding habits. Here's the thing about B&T's workshop, they're taught by the Milliner/Mantua makers of Colonial Williamsburg and the Tailors. You walk out of the workshop with a deeper understanding of the garment, the trade which made it, and how to construct your own, because you're making the piece(s) throughout the workshop.

Fabric Store: Linen and lots of it.

Thread Art: They used to have the 5/8" brushed fringe that I used on my Zone Gown. I think they still sell it on their E-bay site.

Renaissance Fabrics: I've gotten some fabulous silks from here and great service!

 Mood Fabrics: I've never actually ordered from them, but just in case you want to pretend you're on Project Runway....

Gorgeous Fabrics: I think the name sums it up. She carrys beautiful fabrics that you just drool over. I've ordered some cotton lawn from them, they have a great selection and seem to have a lot of sales too.

Reproduction Fabrics: They sell dated reproduction fabric, and it looks like they have a blog too!

William Booth Draper: Great for fabrics, and it looks like they have some fabulous (and accurate!) cotton chintz in! (03/24/2011)

Time Travel Textiles: She explains herself well in the homepage, and she has a nice collection of fabrics too.

Vena Cava Design: This is where I ordered my synthetic whalebone from when I was in Sweden. It came quickly and I got a great deal on the prices, I haven't used it for my stays, but for Sapphire's. So far so good.

Farthingales-LA: Corset making supplies, I've never used them, yet, but they look fabulous!

Gratiot Lake Basketry: Lots of reed for stays, if you're inclined. A bit old school in their website, but they filled the order, etc, without any issues.

The Basketweaver's Catalog : Seasonal supply of quality white oak and ash splints for stays.

Red Rock Threads: I've never actually shopped from them before, however, they seem to have an amazing collection of high quality & hard to find thread to order online all in one place.

Joggles: This is a preliminary link for silk buttonhole twist thread, I have to double check with what weight would actually be best, but for now I'll post this for you. This is not where I ordered my silk buttonhole twist from, because that website seems to have disappeared/been ate by another website.

Web Gallery of Art: The title is pretty self-explanatory. It doesn't possess everything but it does have a great collection, good citations, and they are always adding more to the site. I use it all the time.

Laughing Moon Mercantile: ...I want that circus performer/dancer pattern...

Dharma Trading Co.: Dharma Trading Co...'nuff said, their stuff is fabulous!

Shabby Blogs: Free templates and other things to jazz up your blog.

Tudor Tailor: Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! I met Jane Malcolm-Davies at the Colonial Williamsburg Symposium in March 2011, and she is lovely. Their website has the latest news on books (more are coming soon!) and you can also purchase materials that they have had specially produced to create accurate Tudor dress (and maybe for other projects as well). It can be a bit pricey (the exchange rate does not help), but know that your money is going towards accurate, well researched goods, and not to a big business.

Margaret Hunter Shop: Milliners and Mantua Makers: Their facebook page!

The Reconstruction of the Honorable Judge John Blair's Coat: The apprentice tailor's final project's facebook page so you can follow along.

The Shoemaker's Shop: Colonial Williamsburg's shoemaker's facebook page

The Wigmaker and Barber Shop of Colonial Williamsburg: Facebook page

The Brickyard of Colonial Williamsburg: Facebook page

The James Craig Silversmith Shop: Facebook page

The Anderson Blacksmith Shop: Facebook page

The Deane Shop: The CW Wheelwrights facebook page

Burnley and Trowbridge: Their facebook page

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